About the FFHA

The Foundation for Female Health Awareness is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educating women on their pelvic and breast health issues and needs. A unique team of healthcare providers has been put together to create and disseminate clear, unbiased gender-specific pelvic and breast health content for women. While there is certainly abundant coverage of women’s health topics both in print and online, consumers may actually face a dangerous lack of accurate, unbiased information. The Foundation aims to be the “Consumer Reports” for Women’s Pelvic and Breast Health needs and education. With an eye for becoming the country’s most trusted source of direct, honest, real-world information for women, the FFHA national advisory board directs and guides the development of all educational content. The board is comprised of top clinicians and researchers as well as lay women. This underscores the Foundation’s commitment to timely and authoritative education for women of all ages.

The Foundation is a grant-giving foundation with money available to support research projects that would stimulate new insights and advances in women’s health on a variety of topics related to pelvic and breast disease. To date, the Foundation has funded multiple trials that are done through our research network, which includes top academic institutions such as The Cleveland Clinic, Georgetown University, Stanford, Brown, Northwestern and Duke.

Mona and Mickey KarramMission statement from the founders:

The Foundation for Female Health Awareness (FFHA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving women’s pelvic and breast health. The Foundation has a dual mission to fund and support unbiased gender-specific medical research in pelvic and breast diseases and to educate and empower women from adolescence to menopause and beyond. Through continued research and comprehensive education, the Foundation’s goal of disease prevention and enhanced quality of life can be achieved.