Guide to Fertility and Infertility eBook


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Sperm meets egg. Sperm fertilizes egg. And a baby is born 9 months later.

It sounds like an easy process, but for people struggling to get pregnant, it can be elusive, stressful and heartbreaking.  Oftentimes, there’s no easy explanation for why they can’t get pregnant, so they struggle and stress without getting any closer to pregnancy. The thing is, the path to delivering a healthy full-term baby is a multistep, intricate process. If there is a breakdown in any one of the steps, the final result will not occur.

By understanding each step and removing obstacles, we have the potential to correct the issue, and the likelihood of conception and delivery increases. In this eBook we’ll start by explaining how fertility works, then move to infertility and the ways infertility is diagnosed and treated. Finally, we’ll explore ways you can support your own fertility through hormone cycle tracking, using lubrication, eating healthy foods, and more! We hope you find the information in this eBook helpful!

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